About the Artist
Sheila Neufeld born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a Canadian artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She completed her art studies at Langara College in 2004 and made a pivotal decision one year later to have her first major show. That show’s success inspired her to pursue her art full time. Since then her art has been commissioned and collected across North America. Sheila has exhibited successfully at a number of art and trade shows and her corporate collections include The Keg, Intergulf Group and various Vancouver law firms.

Sheila’s colorful, whimsical paintings are created through an intricate process of building up thin layers of color and texture resulting in radiant, shimmering compositions. Her paintings are inspired by the forms she finds in nature and are often described as expressive bursts of beauty, joy and love. While capturing the imagination of our expanding consciousness, Sheila’s paintings reflect her passion for spirituality and mysticism surrounding the unity of all life.